What is On-Page SEO and Ranking Factors

What is On-Page SEO?

All that things we do on our website pages to help your ranking this is called On page SEO. These are a main on page ranking factor for your site to rank higher rank on search engine result pages. Such as

  • URL
  • Title tag
  •  Description tag
  •  Header Tag
  •  Images Alt Tag
  •  Content
  •  Internal Links
  •  External links
  •  Mobile Responsive
  • Website Loading Speed

We explained these all things in detailed:

On-Page Ranking Factors


You must try to your url short and sweet. Always use Your Targeted keyword in URL. Your   URL Structure clean and simple. Always, use small letters in URL.

Avoid this URLs:
Or long URLs:
SEO Friendly URL:

Title Tage:

This is the main factor in on-page SEO. You must try to your targeted keyword use to the beginning of the title tag. Title tag length must be 50-60 characters.


After URL and Title tag, this is the most important factor in on the page. Description tag length must be 155-160 Characters. You must try to your targeted keyword use to the beginning of the Meta description.

Header Tag:

H1, H2, H3…H6 these are all header tag. Use must try H1 tag on your web pages with your targeted keywords. H1 tag use must only one-time on each web pages. After h1 tag you use can many time use h2, h3 to h6 tag.


Without content, you can’t rank on a search engine that’s why many we called Content is King. You can not use copy content or thin content. You have to be fresh and clean content. Your article should look at at least 500-600 words.

Image Alt Tag:

You must use images on the web pages, and many people used images, but they do not use the image alt tag. At least one-two images use on your webpage. Why use alt tag? The search engine can’t read images, but they read images Alt tag. So, I recommend using your keyword on alt tag.

Internal Links:  

Means your current web pages to other web pages (Same Website but another web page) linked that called internal linking or internal link or inbound link. You must try to one or two internal links on your web page.

External Links:

Our web page to other web pages linked that called external link or outbound link. You must try to at least one external link use, and that’s related to your article.

Responsive Design:

Your website design should be mobile responsive. Because over 60-70% of searches online now come from a mobile device. You Can be used for a mobile responsive test like, google mobile test, responsive design checker tool.

Website Speed:

You must try your website loading speed of less than 5 seconds. There are some tools to check your website speed. like, google page speedGTmetrix, and Pingdom.

All of these on-page ranking factors we try it on our websites, and blogs and we develop SEO friendly websites. If you any query or suggestions comment below:

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