Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website and building backlinks to it with the purpose to improve its organic ranking in search engines such that it gets more traffic and leads. The history of SEO is as old as Google itself. The basic aim of search engine optimization is to make the target website visible in search engines for its targeted keywords to enable potential users to find and use it. Even Google promotes SEO as a way to get organic traffic to your website.

SEO is cost-effective, scalable, and delivers measurable results. 90% of search engine users don’t look past the first page of results during a search. If your company isn’t listed on the first page, you’re suffering a large opportunity lost. Your website traffic will exponentially increase as you begin to rank higher in search engines for your targeted keyword phrases.

Search Engine Optimization Services

More Reputable Profiles

Hire professional SEO experts who can help strengthen your online business profile and increase your company’s reputation in the online trade industry through targeted marketing on all the right platforms.

Organic Traffic

Our primary focus is on bringing and retaining as much organic traffic as your website can get from search engines like Google by employing all the genuine and white-hat SEO techniques.

Increased conversion rate

We work on not just improving your website rank in leading search engines but also on increasing your business conversion rate through both on-page and off-page optimization methods.

Targeted Valued traffic

Again, our SEO services are focused on optimizing the conversion rate. This is why we mainly work on targeted traffic that will actually convert in the transaction and provide value to your website.

Higher Ranking On Keywords

The main purpose of our SEO efforts is to make your website rank high for its targeted keywords in popular search engines. This is done through keyword research, optimization and relevant backlinking.

Amazing Support

Our customer support is as credible and authentic as our services. You can reach our support centre at anytime and be assured of getting the most satisfactory resolution to your queries and doubts.

Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is different from brand reputation. We promote your business to its targeted audience while ensuring to maintain and improve your brand credibility/integrity in every way possible.

Profitability is high

Profitability comes automatically when SEO is done with the purpose of increasing the conversion, and not just the ranking and traffic, of a website. This is exactly what we do here at SAG IPL.

Natural Link Building

We have an expert team of online marketers and search engine experts who have been trained to build natural and most relevant links and avoid black hat SEO at all cost.

Words From Our Happy Clients

Brandon Mahilios
Leader at Network Marketing

Prafull is a pleasure to work with, he is well spoken and professional. His technical abilities are diverse and I have yet to bring a project to his team that was not completed above my expectations. If you are looking for a web development firm with great service and an affordable price, contact Prafull at SpecScale.

Alon Fish
Project Manager at ITC Tech Systems

I have been working with Prafull from SpecScale Technology for six months now.I can say that it is an honor for me to work with him. He is an honest and decent person (these are the two qualities that are most important to me from a human being). Beyond that he is kind, patient, very available (I do not know when he sleeps).He is very familiar with the Suite CRM and brings each project its own ideas on how to improve and enhance the user experience.I highly recommend working with him (as long as it does not come at the expense of my time).Definitely 5 stars

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